Marvel Comics Checks

Marvel Comics Checks

Among comic book lovers, the characters from world renowned publisher Marvel are among the most original, popular, and iconic. Marvel comics heroes are recognized around the globe, and with Marvel Comics checks, they can also be recognized in your wallet.

Marvel Heroes

Each of the Marvel Comics checks features one of eight Marvel Heroes in classic poses ready to do battle against the forces of evil. All of your Marvel favorites are represented in this special set along with the bold “Marvel Heroes” logo in the top right corner of each check and the name of each pictured hero underneath the written amount line.

Fantastic Four & X-Men

Fans of the superhero team The Fantastic Four will love seeing The Thing featured on his own check while X-Men fans will be doubly impressed with the inclusion of both the weather controlling mutant Storm and the animal like Wolverine with his adamantium claws bared.

Avengers Checks

The Incredible Hulk bursts beyond the borders of his check, and he is not the only member of the famed Avengers. Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor also make appearances on Marvel Comics checks. Finally, the ever popular Spiderman, himself a member of the Avengers in the early 90’s, appears on his own check in all his web slinging glory.

The Marvel Comics checks will quickly become a favorite source of boasting for any comics fan. No matter who your favorite hero is, you’ll love the opportunity to show off your Marvel pride. Along with the set of Marvel Comics checks, a matching checkbook cover is also available.

This leather cover features six of the eight heroes (Storm and Thing are not pictured.) Matching address labels are also each featuring the same dramatic image that is on the leather checkbook cover. Finally, custom Marvel Heroes contact cards feature the same image along with a picture of Storm above the group.

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