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Peanuts Checks

The world famous Peanuts characters created by Charles M Schultz now have their very own Peanuts checks. Each of the four alternating Peanuts personal checks features one of four popular characters: Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Woodstock. Each of the Peanuts bank checks comes in one of four bright colors (red, blue, brown, and yellow,) and the striped background design is a whimsical compliment to the joyful dancing characters in each image. Each set of side tear Peanuts checks is available with optional matching address labels and an adorable checkbook cover that is designed to look like Snoopy’s favorite red doghouse.

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Auburn Checks

Any student, alumnus, or fan of Auburn University will want to show their pride with these custom Auburn University checks. One set of Auburn logo checks features the University logo along with the menacing tiger mascot atop an Auburn University navy blue background. The other set of Auburn checks features a wacky illustration of a super fan who is so excited he is literally jumping out of his living room chair as he watches the Tigers on TV. Each set of Auburn Tigers checks is available with a matching leather checkbook cover and return address labels that both feature the distinctive University of Auburn logo.

Hawaii Checks

Once you’ve visited the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll always want to keep a bit of the memory with you, and with Aloha checks you can have a daily reminder that’s always available. The Aloha Checks series features four alternating images of serene Pacific Island flowers in peaceful shades of orange, blue, pink, and purple. The Good Life series of Aloha checks features a pair of alternating illustrations of a penguin on vacation in Hawaii relaxing on the beach in a hammock and on a towel. The Tiki Checks series features four alternating Aloha image checks with stylized and fun Tikis engaged in various facets of island life. Each set of Aloha personal checks is available with matching checkbook cover, address labels, and personal cards to make your check writing expression of your love for Hawaii complete.

Ballet Checks

Few things are as beautiful as the interplay of music and movement that is ballet, and ballet checks allow you to capture some of that beauty with every check that you write. Each of the four alternating ballet image checks feature a watercolor style painting of a ballerina in motion set against a backdrop of stylized and colorful sheet music. Each of these ballet personal checks also features a custom font in the “Date,” “Dollars,” “For,” and “Pay to the Order of” sections; this font evokes the grace and beauty of the pictured dancer. Also available to match your Ballerina checks are a coordinating check book cover, address labels, and contact cards.

Antique Checks

While many image checks feature modern designs and photographs, there is also a wide variety of antique checks available. The Vintage and Antique Checks sets each feature an aged parchment background and an elegant border. The Vintage set also features an illustration of an eagle. For enhanced security, the Safeguard Parchment series features a security hologram while the Antique Photo ID checks include a picture of yourself in the upper left corner. Other antique check styles include the Antique Maps and Liberty sets as well as the Vintage Roses, Classic Road Trip, and Antique Firetruck series. Each set of these antique checks includes four alternating images.

Camo Checks

For those who love camouflage patterns, there are many varieties of camo checks available. Those who are in the Army or who want to show their support for our armed forces will love the striking image of a camouflaged soldier who is ready for battle in the Army Checks series of camo checks. Both the Realtree Advantage and Mossy Oak camo checks offer a more realistic take on camo check styles. Each set features four alternating close-up photographs of leaves and branches that would blend into any natural scene. Finally, for something more feminine and fun there is the pink, red, and purple of the girly camo checks which feature four alternating whimsical takes on traditional camouflage check patterns.

Firefighter Checks

Using firefighter checks instead of plain bank-issued checks is a great way to show your support for the people who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. The iconic collections Modern Fire Truck checks and Antique Fire Truck checks each feature four alternating images of fire trucks. The Fire and Rescue checks along with the Firefighter checks both feature breathtaking photos of firefighters in action battling monstrous blazes. Finally, the tragedy of September 11, 2001 is memorialized in the firefighter personal checks collection called “The Day the Angels Cried”. A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of these firefighter check styles are donated to the New York Firefighters 911 Disaster Relief Fund.


NASCAR fans love to show their pride, and with NASCAR checks they can do so every time they pay a bill. Each set of NASCAR personal checks features four alternating images of fast and furious racing on one of four world famous tracks. The tracks represented are Darlington, Daytona, Talladega, and Watkins Glen, and each check also features both the NASCAR logo and the logo of each individual track. NASCAR check styles also feature several security enhancements for your protection such as a special chemical protection, protection from erasure, and a special microprint signature line that helps ensure the security of every NASCAR bank check you write. As well there are great looking checkbook covers, address labels and other cool NASCAR accessories.

Golf Checks

If you love golf, then there are many sets of specially-themed golf checks to choose from. The “Tee to Green” series of golf personal checks features four alternating illustrations of golf clubs and balls in real-world golfing situations such as teeing off, sand traps, and putting greens. The “Be the Ball” series of golf bank checks features four comic drawings of a living golf ball enjoying the sun while stuck in a sand trap, exploring the “wilds” of the rough, and scuba diving in a water hazard. Both the “Tee to Green” and “Be the Ball” golf image checks are available with matching optional accessories including a checkbook cover, contact cards, and return address labels.

Designer Checks

Instead of settling for the bland and boring checks that your bank provides, why not express yourself by choosing designer bank checks that reflect your unique personal style. The wide range and variety of designer checks have it all from classic paisley and antique patterns to the whimsical fairies of Amy Brown, sports team checks, funny cartoon bank checks favorites, magnificent wildlife checks, the popular animal checks and the tropical floral beauty of the aloha checks. We also have designer personal checks that promote breast cancer awareness by proudly displaying the breast cancer foundation’s pink ribbon. No matter how you express your personal style, you can order designer checks that are a perfect fit for you.

Image Checks

There are a great variety of image checks which are available to suit any and all types of personality. Animal lovers can choose between the candid photos of the Wildlife Image Checks, the detailed illustrations of the Birds and Blossoms image checks, or the whimsical range of kitten themed checks in the Purrfect Kittens series and the Rachel Hale’s Smitten series. You can even put your own photos or artistic images on your personal checks with photo image checks that can feature a graphic that you supply, or a rotating series of up ot four images. For a more classic look and feel, Vintage, Filigree and Executive checks combine the look of quality traditional papers with subdued colors. Liberty checks also feature this kind of classic look alongside patriotic images that evoke American freedom.

Christian Checks

The wide variety of Christian checks that are available allow anyone to proudly share their faith with every purchase they make. Images of Christ adorn the Prince of Peace, Heaven’s Light, and Life of Christ checks, and inspirational illustrations and paintings of angels can be found on the Angels of Grace, Lil Angels, and Angels of Hope Christian theme checks. The Lion and the Lamb series along with the Peace series of Christian bank checks inspire hope for the age to come. For those who prefer that their Christian check styles showcase the awesome beauty of nature, the Blessings checks feature four stunning scenic images alongside inspirational scriptures.

Mickey Mouse Checks

Any fan of Disney characters will love the Mickey Mouse checks colorful and fun images. This special set features eight rotating images in two themed sets: carnival and ocean. Mickey and Minnie feature prominently in the carnival Mickey Mouse bank checks, enjoying the rides and each other during a relaxing day at an amusement park. Other characters also make appearances at the carnival including Donald and Daisy Duck, Pluto, and Goofy. The other four Mickey Mouse checks feature the gang enjoying a day at the beach and include playing in the water and in the sand. Disney checks are also available with matching cover and address labels.

Tinkerbell Checks

Grownups who are still children at heart will love Tinkerbell checks whimsical magic. Each check features one of four alternating portraits of Tinkerbell in various moods from coy to thoughtful, and each of the four Tinkerbell check styles comes with a unique colored background. Tinkerbell check designs are available with both matching address labels and a matching checkbook cover. Both feature an additional portrait of Tinkerbell that is different than the pictures on the Tinkerbell checks. Tinkerbell bank checks checks also feature several state of the art security features such as erasure protection, chemical protection, and a microprint signature line.

Harley Davidson Checks

Whether you love the raw power of a stock Harley or you enjoy the wild creativity of a custom bike, there is a set of Harley Davidson checks for you. The Easy Riders series features four alternating images of completely unique custom Harley Davidson bikes against a patriotic American flag backdrop. Each of these Harley Davidson check designs also features the Easy Rider logo and a stylized Harley illustration. The Harley checks series is all about stock motorcycles. Each of the four images depicts a stock bike of various models against a subtle colored background. Each of the Harley Davidson bank checks styles also feature the Harley Davidson logo.

Corvette Checks

If you love enjoying the beauty of classic American cars, then the Corvette checks series will provide you with opportunities every day. Each of the four Corvette check styles features a different photograph of a classic corvette including the white ’53 model complete with matching steering wheel and white-walled tires, the red ’63 split Window 327, the yellow ’69 Stingray, and the dark red ’93 Anniversary Edition. These Corvette bank checks are available both separately and in the special Corvette History series which features all four images. No matter what you choose, if you love cars, you can’t go wrong with these Corvette personal checks.

Kenny Chesney Checks

World renowned and award winning contemporary country music artist Kenny Chesney now has his own unique set of Kenny Chesney checks. Each of these four Kenny Chesney bank checks features a photomontage of the musician staring at the camera through piercing eyes beneath the brim of his white cowboy hat. Each of the Kenny Chesney personal checks features a stylized monogram in the style of a cattle brand. Kenny Chesney side tear checks are also available with two coordinating accessories: address labels and a matching leather checkbook cover. Each accessory perfectly complements the down-to-earth feeling that is evoked by the Kenny Chesney checks.

LSU Checks

Alumni and fans of Louisiana State University can inject a bit of Fighting Tiger pride into every purchase when they use LSU checks. There are two sets of LSU collegiate checks to choose from, and each is available with unique optional coordinating accessories. The LSU logo checks feature the bold gold and purple of LSU along with the school’s logo and an image of the Fighting Tiger mascot. These LSU bank checks are available with matching address labels and a leather checkbook cover along with a unique LSU debit wallet. The LSU #1 Fan series features a stylized illustration of a “super-fan” and is available with matching labels, leather cover, and LSU logo stickers, to go with LSU personal checks.

Wolf Checks

Because wolves are renowned for their independence and harmony with nature, the use of wolf imagery is a popular and effective means of communicating a desire for oneness with the world, and wolf checks allow that imagery to enter into your day to day activities. There are numerous wolf bank checks to choose from featuring both illustrations and photographs. In addition to wolf personal checks, the “In the Wild” series of animal checks also includes images of other inspirational members of the animal kingdom. Each set of wolf check styles are available with optional coordinating accessories such as address labels, contact cards, and leather checkbook covers.

Dolphin Checks

The amazing dolphin is unlike any other creature in the sea, and its image is available for all to see on a variety of Dolphin checks. Beautiful photographs adorn the four alternating images in the Defenders of Wildlife series of Dolphin bank checks, and the aquatic mammal is joined by pandas and bald eagles in the Earth Matters photographic series. The fantastic illustrations of the Scuba series of Dolphin personal checks include alternating depictions of eight amazing sea creatures. The simply-named Dolphins series features four beautiful paintings of dolphins in a variety of settings, and the Greenpeace Let Oceans Live Dolphin photo checks features a single image of a dolphin leaping out of the water in front of an orange sky.

Cat Checks

Cat lovers of all types will find something to love among the wide variety of cat checks that are available. Kitten pictures take front stage in Rachel Hale’s Smitten series of kitten checks as well as in the four alternating photographs of the Cute Kittens series. Grown up cats appear in several sets of the cat bank checks that are aimed at raising awareness of the Humane Society and local animal shelters. Even the large cats of the world have checks devoted to them including the Safari checks and the Defenders of Wildlife cat checks.Finally, if you prefer something light hearted, Gary Patterson cat checks charming illustrations appear on two different sets.

Fish Checks

The mysterious and beautiful world under the ocean is beloved by countless people and can be seen in a multitude of styles of Fish checks. Warm colorful seascapes adorn the four alternating images in the Tropical Fish bank checks series, and the Undersea Fantasy checks boast images of some of the ocean’s largest creatures. You can show your support of the nonprofit organizations The Ocean Conservancy and Project aware when you choose the eight alternating photos of either of these sets of Fish personal checks. Scuba divers will love the many encounters pictured in the Scuba series of Fishing checks, and fishermen will love the picturesque scenes of the Fishing series of checks.

Patriotic Checks

If you’re looking for a way to show your pride for the United States, consider one of the dozens of sets of Patriotic checks. There are many American Flag themed Patriotic bank checks including the Freedom series and the Support Our Troops series. Images of the iconic Statue of Liberty adorn both the Lady Liberty and Liberty Patriotic personal checks. If you prefer to express both your patriotism and your religion, the God Bless America patriotic checks and the One Nation Under God checks feature powerful images of faith and country. Most sets of Patriotic side tear checks are also available with matching accessories such as address labels and checkbook cover.

Winnie the Pooh Checks

Because Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger are among the most popular and beloved Disney characters of all time, fans of their fantastic world will jump at the chance to have Winnie the Pooh checks. Each set of Winnie the Pooh personal checks includes four alternating images of Pooh by himself and with his faithful friends. Butterflies, ladybugs, and dragonflies also make appearances, and the colorful floral backgrounds of each Winnie the Pooh check is full of the charm that makes these characters so lovable. Sets of side tear Winnie the Pooh checks are available with optional matching address labels and an adorable checkbook cover.

Alabama Checks

If you’re a true fan of the Crimson Tide, then you’ll want one of these two custom sets of University of Alabama checks for your own. The first set of Alabama checks features “Big Al”, the University of Alabama’s elephant mascot, along with the words “Alabama Crimson Tide” in the distinctive red. The second set of Alabama checks features an illustration of the ultimate super-fan at home watching the game on TV. He can’t stay in his seat because he’s so excited about the action on-screen. Each set of Alabama checks is available with an optional coordinating checkbook cover and customized address labels.

Florida Checks

No matter which of the many Florida college teams you’re a fan of, there’s a set of Florida checks that’s just right for you. The University of Florida, Florida State University, Florida A&M, and South Florida University each have custom sets of University of Florida checks available. Each set of these Florida State University checks features the chosen school’s logo and an image of its mascot. Additionally, Florida A&M checks feature the colors that are associated with each school. No matter which school you choose to support, South Florida University checks are all available with a coordinating leather checkbook cover and a set of customized return address labels.

Kansas Checks

Fans of either of the NCAAS Big 12 teams in the state of Kansas will be able to display their pride in their favorite team with Kansas checks. One set of University of Kansas checks features the beloved mascot Big Jay along with the words “Beat ‘Em Hawks. The other set of Kansas team checks features a cartoon illustration of the ultimate fan decked out in team colors and watching the game on TV in his living room. This same design is also available for fans of the Kansas State Wildcats with the Wildcats logo replacing Big Jay. Both sets of Kansas bank checks feature the words “#1 Fan”.

Georgia Checks

Fans of both the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will want to represent their favorite team by using University of Georgia checks. The University of Georgia has two sets of Georgia team checks to choose from. The logo checks feature the school’s colors along with the image of the bulldog mascot and the team name. The #1 Fan set of University of Georgia fan checks features a hilarious picture of an over-enthusiastic fan in team colors jumping out of his living room chair as he watches the game from home. This same design of Georgia Tech checks is also available for fans of Georgia Tech featuring that school’s colors.

Michigan Checks

With a diverse variety of Michigan checks to choose from, Michiganders of all types will find the perfect set for them. The Michigan Logo series of Michigan logo checks features the University of Michigan logo in both bold blue and in a subtle watermark style. The University of Michigan checks feature four alternating photographs from all around the university campus, and the #1 Fan Michigan checks feature a caricature of a super fan watching a Wolverines game from his living room. Each of these sets of Michigan personal checks are available with optional matching checkbook covers and address labels.

Virginia Tech Checks

Fans of Virginia Tech and the Hokies can choose from several versions of Virginia Tech checks. The Virginia Tech Logo checks are a simple design that features the Hokie mascot, the distinctive “VT” logo and the word “Hokies” in a stylized font. These Virginia Tech personal checks are available with optional matching address labels and an optional leather checkbook cover. The #1 Fan Virginia Tech fan checks feature a caricature of a super fan watching the game from his living room. He’s fully decked-out in Virginia Tech colors, and each of these Virginia Tech checks features the phrase “#1 Fan”. The same design is also available for University of Virginia fans, and as with the University of Virginia checks, they are available with optional cover and address labels.

Horse Checks

If you love horses, then you’ll appreciate the variety of horse checks that are available. The simply titled “Horses” series of checks features four alternating photographs of horses in various outdoor, rural settings. The Horse Enthusiast series features four alternating horse bank checks depicting horses in a variety of settings. For those who love the Wild West, the Cowboy and Western Country sets of horse personal checks offer unique illustrated takes on classic southwestern themes. Fans of fantasy themed art will love the Fantasyland series that feature three alternating images including one of a mystical winged horse. Each of these sets of horse image checks is available with optional matching address stickers and checkbook covers.

Tiger Checks

The amazing tiger, one of the world’s most incredible animals, is able to arouse a sense of wonder and awe at all stages of life, and tiger checks featuring the large cat are popular among animal lovers all over the world. The Wildlife Waystation tiger bank checks feature a breathtaking image of two tigers, and the World Wildlife Fund tiger photo checks feature a number of alternating images of wild animals including elephants, pandas, and tigers. Images of baby animals adorn the Furry Friends and WWF Wild Kids checks – each set features baby tiger checks among other baby animals such as elephants and rabbits.

Butterfly Checks

One of the world’s favorite creatures is the butterfly, so it is no wonder that there are many styles of butterfly checks to choose from. The Butterfly Bloom series of butterfly personal checks features images of butterflies among flowers of many colors. The Butterflies series features four alternating photos of real butterflies against a background of parchment paper decorated with butterfly illustrations. The Virtue series of butterfly bank checks features tiny butterflies fluttering among the words “truth,” “love,” “charity,” and “purity,” Finally, butterflies take a back seat to cherubs in the Dreamsicles series of checks. Each set of butterfly check styles is available with matching optional accessories.

Bear Checks

The wide variety of bear checks that are available allows bear lovers of every type to find the perfect set. The Furry Friends bear bank checks feature illustrations of baby animal pairs including both panda bears and polar bears. The similarly themed World Wildlife Fund bear photo checks feature actual photographs of several baby animals. The Boyds Bears series of bear personal checks features four alternating illustrations of Jim Shore’s famous Boyds Bears. Bear themed checks are also available as part of the eight check collections World Wildlife Fund checks and the American Wildlife checks. All checks are available with optional matching accessories including checkbook covers.

Ferret Checks

People who love ferrets love to show their favorite animals to others, and ferret checks allow them another opportunity to do so. The American Ferret Association ferret bank checks feature an adorable photograph of a group of ferrets huddled together to keep warm as they rest. One of these ferrets is caught in mid-yawn. The more lighthearted Fun Ferrets series of ferret personal checks features photos of real ferrets in fantastic situations such as selling balloons at a carnival, working in the garden, painting a room, and taking a bubble bath. Both sets of ferret image checks area available with optional matching address labels and checkbook covers. The Fun Ferret checks are also available with matching contact cards.

Deer Checks

People who love deer and other wildlife will want to select from among the wide variety of deer checks that are available. The Buckmasters deer bank checks feature four alternating photographs of fully grown bucks in the wild displaying their impressive horns. The Wildlife series of deer personal checks features images of many wild animals including deer, moose, raccoons, and bears. The “In the Wild” series of deer image checks has a similar theme but with illustrations instead of photographs. Each of these incredible sets of custom deer checks is available with three optional matching accessories including return address labels, contact cards, and checkbook covers.

Kitten Checks

The images of irresistibly adorable kittens available in any of the numerous kitten checks will bring a bit of joy into your life every time you pay a bill. The Cute Kittens series of kitten personal checks features four alternating images of kitten pairs. The Purrfect Kittens series features even more kittens in an adorable garden setting. Rachel Hale’s Smitten Kitten checks feature four photographs of tiny kittens in small containers against fun and vivid background colors. The Kittens series of kitten image checks features precious illustrations of curious kittens exploring the world around them. Each set of kitten bank checks is available with optional accessories including address labels and contact cards.

Mustang Checks

The amazing Ford Mustang series of Mustang checks features eight alternating images of incredible Mustangs spanning four decades. The featured cars in the Mustang bank checks series include the 1964 1/2 Mustang Convertible, 1966 Mustang GT 350, 1970 Mustang BOSS, 1971 Mustang Boss 351, 1978 Mustang Cobra, 1987 Mustang Convertible, 1994 Mustang , and the 1998 Mustang convertible. Each of these amazing photographs (except the 1987 Convertible) is also available in a stand-alone set of Mustang personal checks. Each set of Mustang image checks is available with an optional embossed black leather checkbook cover that features the mustang logo along with the word “Mustang” in Ford’s distinctive font.

Soccer Checks

The World Soccer checks provide fans of any nation’s team the chance to show off their pride with every check they write. You can choose one of over thirty countries, and the name of your chosen country is proudly displayed in a bold font in the center of each of your World Soccer personal checks. Your chosen country’s flag is also proudly displayed in front of a soccer ball in the upper left corner of each of your soccer team checks. Every set of World Soccer checks is available with three optional accessories including return labels, identity cards, and a matching check book cover.

Puppy Checks

Anyone who loves puppies will love the chance to carry their favorite animal with them in the form of puppy checks. The Puppy Pals series of puppy bank checks features four alternating pictures of real puppies in various rural settings. The Puppy Tales series of puppy image checks features four beautiful paintings of puppies interacting with each other and with other animals. There are also many styles of Gary Patterson puppy personal checks to choose from that feature the artist’s inimitable take on several breeds including Dachshunds, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Westies, and Yorkies. Each set of Puppy checks is available with optional coordinating accessories including address labels, contact cards, and checkbook covers.

Military Checks

When you use Marine Corps military checks, you are able to show your pride for our men in uniform with every check that you write. The Marine Corps checks feature the iconic Marine Corps logo complete with Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. Using United Stated Navy military personal checks gives you the opportunity to express your respect and gratitude for our brave sailors. The “Support Our Troops” and “United We Stand” Navy military image checks both feature an image of the American flag and a ribbon along the left edge featuring the chosen words. If you’re looking for a simple way to show your support for our brave army soldiers, then consider using Army checks. There are many sets to choose from including the Army Logo and US Military Academy Army military bank checks that both feature the distinctive Military Academy Black Knights mascot.

Marine Corps Checks

When you use Marine Corps checks, you are able to show your pride for our men in uniform with every check that you write. This beautiful set features a stunning photograph of seven marines lined up with rifles ready for the traditional 21 gun salute. The Marine Corps bank checks feature the iconic Marine Corps logo complete with Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. The United States Marine’s motto, “Semper Fi,” also appears on each of these Marine Corps image checks. Finally, every set of Marine Corps personal checks is available with three matching optional accessories that include custom return address labels, contact cards, and a beautiful leather checkbook cover.

Navy Checks

Using United Stated Navy checks gives you the opportunity to express your respect and gratitude for our brave sailors. The “Support Our Troops” and “United We Stand” Navy bank checks both feature an image of the American flag and a ribbon along the left edge featuring the chosen words. The Navy personal checks series features an image of two ships – a battleship and a frigate – along with the Navy logo and the words “United States Navy” which also appear on the optional checkbook cover. Finally, a variety of naval vessel images are available including an Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear Submarine, Amphibious Assault Ship, Frigate, Battleship, Destroyer, and Nuclear Cruiser. These Navy image checks are available with a beautiful debossed leather checkbook cover.

Army Checks

If you’re looking for a simple way to show your support for our brave army soldiers, then consider using Army checks. There are many sets to choose from including the Army Logo and US Military Academy Army personal checks that both feature the distinctive Military Academy Black Knights mascot. The Army bank checks series features a picture of a camouflaged sniper patiently waiting to take the perfect shot. There are also three sets of military vehicle themed Army checks to choose from including Humvees, Choppers, and Armored vehicles. Each set of Army image checks is available with optional matching return address labels and checkbook cover.

Bowling Checks

Bowling has long been a popular professional and recreational sport, and bowling checks are a popular way of displaying your love of bowling. The bowling personal checks series features three alternating bowling-themed illustrations in a style that will instantly evoke the 1950’s and 1960’s, when bowling popularity in the United States was at an all time high. Featured illustrations in the bowling bank checks series include a ball about to hit the pins, a bowling alley complete with scoring station and return mechanism, and a collection of essential bowling gear. The Gary Patterson Bowling Checks collection features four alternating comic illustrations of bowlers willing to do absolutely anything to knock down the pins.

Baseball Checks

Baseball is known worldwide as the great American pastime, and people who love baseball love using baseball checks. The three rotating photographs in the Baseball Personal Checks series feature beautiful images of the sport both on the field and off. The first image is a photograph of classic baseball gear including a catcher’s mitt, baseball, bat, jersey, and baseball cleats. The second image in the baseball bank checks series shows the dramatic moment when “strike” is called as the catcher grabs hold of the perfectly placed pitch. The final baseball checks image shows the tense moment of ambiguity as a runner tries to slide under the approaching baseman’s mitt.

Hockey Checks

No matter what hockey team is your favorite, you’ll find a set of NHL hockey checks that lets you proudly display your team pride, and if you don’t have a favorite team, there are several varieties of hockey personal checks to choose from. Every National Hockey League team is represented in its own series of NHL hockey checks – from the Detroit Redwings and Boston Bruins to Edmonton Oilers to the Vancouver Canucks, dozens of teams have their own custom set of hockey bank checks. If you prefer not to support a particular team with NHL checks, then the Pro Hockey checks series features images of dramatic hockey moments. Both NHL checks and Pro Hockey are available with matching address labels, contact cards, and checkbook cover.

Hello Kitty Checks

Everyone knows Hello Kitty, and now you can show your love for the white cat with the red bow by using Hello Kitty checks. Each of the Hello Kitty check designs feature one of four adorable images of Hello Kitty against fun backgrounds of pink and red patterns including polka dots and diamonds. Each of the Hello Kitty checks also feature the Hello Kitty logo in bold red on the top left corner. If Hello Kitty checks are not enough, there are also matching address labels available along with a fun red Hello Kitty checkbook cover that features Hello Kitty’s irresistible face.

Penn State Checks

If you’re a fan of the Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions, then you’ll want to check out the variety of Penn State checks that are available. The simply-named Penn State personal checks collection features four alternating photographs of various Penn State campus buildings along with an image of a football game in progress. The Logo series of Penn State bank checks features an image of the Nittany Lions paw print along with the team’s logo and the words “Penn State”. Both sets of Penn State image checks are available with a handsome matching checkbook cover that features the words “Penn State” in the school’s signature font.

Dog Checks

No matter what your taste, if you’re a dog lover, then there is a set of dog checks for you. The Top Breeds series allows you to select your favorite dog breed to be the main background image on all your checks. If you prefer to raise awareness for an organization that is committed to the welfare of dogs and puppies, then there are also many dog breed checks to choose from, including the Humane Society, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and the Animal Protection Institute. Gary Patterson dog checks are a unique artistic take on playful puppies and are also available for such breeds as Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Pugs, Westies, and Yorkies.

Nature Checks

Nature lovers can enjoy the sweeping vistas of the Mountain Reflection wildlife checks or the serene coastal beauty and charm of the Water’s Edge nature checks. There are also many patterns to choose from such as the pink and purple camouflage of the Girly Camo checks or the fun patterns of the Swirls nature checks series.

Photo Checks

The photo checks series allow you to upload your own favorite photograph to use as the background of your checks. You can show off pictures of your beloved children or grandchildren, or you can showcase your own artistic talents by uploading an image of your own creation. The rotating series allows you to upload as many as four images so that you don’t have to choose just one picture for your photo checks. You can showcase any number of people and places so that each check that you write becomes an expression of your unique personality.

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These high quality checks also have features that your bank may not offer, such as custom graphics and styles as well as features like carbon duplicates and custom monograms. A better price, a wider selection, and greater variety in features are all reasons why purchasing checks online is better than purchasing them through your bank.