Aloha Checks, Hawaiian Themed Checks, Checkbook Covers & Address Labels

Aloha Checks

As anyone who has visited the Hawaiian Islands knows, there’s nothing quite like Pacific island living, and aloha checks allow a bit of that incomparable laidback lifestyle to make its way into your everyday life.

Hawaii Checks

There are many styles of Hawaiian island themed checks to choose from, and whether you prefer the serene beauty of Hawaiian flowers, the quirky fun of stylized Tikis, or the simple luxury of sunbathing in an island paradise, there is a set of aloha checks that are perfectly suited to your unique tastes.

Hawaiian Theme Bank Checks

Perhaps the simplest set of Pacific Island themed checks are the Aloha Checks. This series features four alternating patterns of island flowers in a simple hand drawn graphical style. Each image features a different color, and the entire set includes orange, blue, pink, and purple.

Hawaii Checkbook Covers

The matching Aloha Wallet Style Checkbook Cover features the iconic hibiscus against a bold red backdrop with the word “Aloha” (a Hawaiian word that can mean both “hello” and “goodbye.”) Coordinating address labels and personal cards are also available to complement your Aloha bank checks.

Live The Good Life

For something just as evocative of the Hawaiian Islands in a completely different style, consider The Good Life Checks. This duo of alternating image checks features a seemingly out of place penguin relaxing near warm tropical waters. In one image, he lays across a beach towel while in the other he naps the day away in a gently swaying hammock.

Tiki Checks

The Tiki Checks series of aloha checks feature four alternating cartoon depictions of Tikis engaged in island life. Each check features a different color theme that alternates between green, blue, yellow, and purple. Complementing the illustrations on the Tiki checks is a quirky and fun stylized font in the “Date,” “Dollars,” “For,” and “Pay to the Order of” sections of each check.

Address Labels

These sets of aloha checks are also available with matching checkbook cover, address labels, and personal cards.

To Order

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