Antique Checks

Antique Checks

Classic design meets modern security and convenience in the variety of antique checks that are available. The traditional look of vintage parchment or antique paper is faithfully recreated in four unique styles.

Vintage Check Styles

The Antique series features a simple and elegant parchment background within a tastefully simple border. Vintage checks feature a similar background along with an attractive eagle illustration in the upper left corner and a stylized antique font for the “Pay to the Order of” line.

Parchment Checks

The Safeguard Parchment series of antique checks also features a parchment background with the addition of a security hologram to the left of the payment amount line to ensure added peace of mind. Finally, the Antique Photo ID checks include a photo of yourself that allows for enhanced security.

Antique Map Checks

However, antique checks can be much more than simply parchment backgrounds. There are many sets to choose from featuring images that evoke bygone eras. The Antique Maps series features four alternating images of antique style maps of the world. Images featured are of America, Europe, Africa, and the entire globe.

Liberty Series Checks

The Liberty series of antique checks features four alternating images that evoke patriotism and the best of the American spirit. Images include the Statue of Liberty, a soaring eagle, an American Flag, and an image of blind Justice.

Antique Car Checks

People who love vintage vehicles will enjoy both the Classic Roadtrip and Antique Firetruck sets of antique checks. The Classic Roadtrip series features four alternating images of classic American cars, and the Antique Firetruck series features four alternating illustrations of old-fashioned fire fighting vehicles.

Finally, the Vintage Roses series of antique checks features four alternating illustrations of beautiful roses against pale yellow and green backgrounds. Each check features a leaf border along the top and bottom as well as a stylized “Pay to the Order of” script.

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