Ballet Checks

Ballet Checks

The incomparable grace and beauty of the merging of movement and music is perfectly captured in the Ballerinas series of ballet checks. This series features a total of four alternating images of ballerinas in action before a colorful backdrop of sheet music.

Ballerina Bank Checks

Unlike many typical image checks, the Ballerinas checks do not feature a printed border, and as a result, the image itself seems to flow as freely as the dancers and the music they depict. Each watercolor image is done in a style that evokes the movement of ballet and the emotions of music.

Ballet Image Checks

Each image in this ballet checks series features a painting of a ballerina on the left side. Each ballerina is unique and distinct and reflects the full range of diversity that is an integral part of the art of ballet. While each image features a multitude of colors, each of the ballet checks can be said to have an overall color theme.

The overall effect of these alternating images is a sense of blue, orange, pink, and red. The “Date,” “Dollars,” “For,” and “Pay to the Order of” sections of each check are set apart from the other sections by the use of a beautiful script font that flows as smoothly and elegantly as each dancer and set of music.

Ballet Checkbook Covers

To complement these beautiful ballet checks, there are also several coordinating options available. First and foremost is the Ballerinas quality check book cover that features an image of one of the dancers against a multicolored backdrop.

Ballet Address Labels

Along with this, there is also a set of four alternating ballerinas address labels available that match the ballet checks images and a corresponding custom set of contact cards. Whether you choose the entire collection, or just the checks, you’ll love the beauty that each image brings into your life.

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