Bear Checks

Bear Checks

Bears in nature as well as art can be everything from cute and cuddly to menacing, and the wide variety of bear checks reflects this diversity.

No matter what type of bear images you prefer, there is a set of bear themed checks that is just right for you or that would make the perfect gift for a bear-loving friend or family member.

Bear Personal Checks

The Furry Friends bear checks feature adorable illustrations of pairs of baby animals. The featured animals include two types of bears – panda bears and polar bears – as well as baby seals and baby tigers. The World Wildlife Fund checks feature a very similar theme but use actual photographs of baby animals instead of drawings. They feature baby elephants in place of seals.

Boyds Bear Bank Checks

People who appreciate cute pictures of bears may also like the Boyds Bears checks. This series features four alternating illustrations of Jim Shores distinctive Boyds Bears. Each illustration features one or more of these delightful bears, and each also features a different color theme. The optional matching address labels and check book cover perfectly compliment this adorable series of checks.

Grizzly Bear Checks

For those who love images of full grown bears in the wild, there are many bear checks to choose from. The Defenders of Wildlife Polar Bears checks boast four stunning photos of polar bears in the frozen Arctic wild. The Defenders of Wildlife Grizzly Bears checks feature four photographs of the majestic grizzly in a variety of natural settings. Each of these wonderful sets is available with matching return address labels, contact cards, checkbook covers, and unique debit wallets.

There are many other bear-themed checks to choose from that also include images of other amazing animals. The World Wildlife Fund and the American Wildlife series of checks each feature a total of eight magnificent animals. Among the included animals are tigers, elephants, bears, and foxes. Choose the bear checks that are right for you.

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