Cat Checks

Cat Checks

It’s rare to encounter a cat lover who doesn’t love photos and drawings of irresistibly cute cats, and it’s even more unusual to find one who could resist the lure of cat checks.

Among the large number of available styles, there is bound to be something perfect for every type of cat loving person.

Cat Personal Checks

Perhaps the most irresistible stage in a cat’s life is the kitten stage. It’s no wonder, then, that there are so many kitten themed cat checks to choose from.

Rachel Hale’s Smitten series of checks features four charming photos of kittens in containers such as coffee cups and planters.

Kitten Checks

The four alternating illustrations in the Kittens series depict curious kittens exploring their surroundings and interacting with birds and butterflies. Finally the Cute Kittens series is made up of four photographs of kittens at their mischievous best knocking over pots, playing with yarn, and digging among flowers.

Cat Bank Checks

There are also many options available for those who love images of grown cats. The Humane Society and local animal shelters each have sets featuring four alternating images of adoptable adult cats along with the plea to support these vital organizations. For those who prefer something a bit lighter hearted, the Cat Masterpieces series boasts four hilarious paintings of cats in the style of the great classical painters, and Gary Patterson’s two sets of checks show off the artist’s quirky take on cats including a set of Christmas themed drawings.

Side Tear Cat Checks

While house cats are by far the most popular subject of cat-themed checks, the big cats of the world also have sets dedicated to them. The Safari checks series features, among other African mammals, both Lions and Leopards, and the Defenders of Wildlife series of cat checks is made up of four breathtaking images of a bobcat, a tiger, a lioness, and a leopard.

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