Christian Checks

Christian Checks

When you use Christian checks, every check you write will be an opportunity to share your faith with others. There are many styles to choose from. Beautiful painted images of Christ adorn the Heaven’s Light and Prince of Peace checks, and the Savior’s life is stunningly depicted in stained glass in the Life of Christ checks.

Angels Checks

The uplifting and inspirational images of angels in the Angels of Grace checks can provide solace in difficult times. The Lil Angels and Precious Angels checks depict the innocence of childhood combined with the angelic holiness while the stylized illustrations of the Angels of Hope Christian checks depict angels of diverse backgrounds juxtaposed with the words Faith, Harmony, Love, and Care.

Inspirational Checks

The metaphorical spiritual power of the Lion and the Lamb series of Christian checks evokes a hope in a future that is free of strife and full of peace. The Peace checks feature an image of a dove set against a backdrop of the word “peace” in many different languages.

Christian Family Checks

The importance of family life in Christianity is highlighted in a number of different checks. The Children’s Prayers check feature beautiful paintings siblings praying together, and the Christian Family checks feature three alternating images of families along with inspirational Bible verses. The Madonna and Child series highlights the serene beauty of the virgin mother with the child Jesus.

Footprints Checks

There are also many checks available that feature inspirational images that are not necessarily based on Biblical stories or characters. The Footprints checks feature a beautiful image that captures the depth of meaning of the popular and beloved “Footprints” poem. The Blessings checks are four alternating images of sublime landscape photos along with inspirational verses. Finally, the Light the Way Christian checks feature hopeful images of lighthouses to remind us that there is always a light in the darkness.

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