Corvette Checks

Corvette Checks

Ask any classic car lover to list the greatest American cars, and you’ll inevitably find that the Corvette near the top of the list; it’s no wonder, then, that Corvette checks are a favorite among car aficionados all over the world.

Because the history of the Corvette includes so many amazing classic models, you have a variety of check images to choose from.

Classic Car Checks

Among the choices are the classic 1953 Corvette, the 1963 split window 327 Corvette, the 1969 Stingray 427 Corvette, and the 1993 Anniversary edition Corvette.

Each set of Corvette checks features both the car image and the model designation along with a stylized pair of checkered racing flags between the “for” and “signature” lines.

Corvette Bank Checks

Each of these classic American automobiles is presented with a beautiful paint job in colors that are every bit as classic as the models themselves. The ’53 model is painted a vivid white that coordinates with both the white steering wheel and white walled tires. The ’63 split window Corvette checks are presented in classic red.

The iconic yellow of the ’69 Stingray is a perfect complement to that model’s reputation for speed, power, and style. Finally, the ’93 Anniversary Edition features a deeper red color than the classic red of the ’63 split window checks. Each of these sets of Corvette checks are available either separately or together in the special Corvette History series which features four alternating images to satisfy even the most fanatic Corvette lover.

If you love classic cars in general, then you may prefer the rotating images in the Classic Road Trip Checks series. Each check features a nostalgic painting of a classic car along with the word “Classic” in a neon sign style that evokes classic drive-thru’s and diners. Whether you choose this set or the Corvette checks, you’ll relish the chance to see some of the world’s greatest cars every day.

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