Designer Checks

Designer Checks

As most people know, the checks that are available from most banks are typically bland and uninteresting, and while they are functionally sufficient, they lack the flair and personality of designer checks.

Unique Check Designs

If you really want to be able to express yourself in a unique way, then there are a wide variety of check designs available.

Elegant Check Patterns

There are many elegant and classic patterns and designs to choose from for a more professional look such as antique checks that feature an elegant border and an aged parchment look that emanates stability and tradition.

Designer Checks Are Expressive

The faded paisley pattern has a slightly more modern flair without sacrificing a professional look. For designer checks that are a bit more expressive but just as classy, consider the Ribbon of Hope checks. These checks proudly and tastefully feature the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. You will be spreading breast cancer awareness with every check you write. An optional matching pink ribbon leather checkbook cover is also available.

Hawaiian Islands Checks

If you’re interested in something more fun and uniquely suited to your personality, there are many creative and expressive designer checks available. Aloha checks project the serene beauty of the Hawaiian Islands in four brightly colored tropical floral patterns that allow you to spread a bit of island style whenever you use them.

Amy Brown Checks

For an even more tropical mood, there are frog themed checks that feature four colorful designs. If you prefer something more whimsical, then the Magic and Mischief checks are for you. Each check features one of four fairies created by famous artist Amy Brown.

Fashion Checks

If you consider yourself to be a lover of both fashion and shopping, then the colorful and sassy patterns of the boutique checks will be a perfect fit. Whatever your personality, there is a set of designer checks that will perfectly reflect your unique style and set you apart from the rest.