Dog Checks

Dog Checks

If you’re a dog lover, then the idea of using dog checks instead of the boring and bland standard checks that most banks issue is certainly appealing.

Dog Bank Checks

There are a wide variety of dog check designs available to suit anyone’s particular taste. Many people have a special love for a specific breed, and the Top Breeds series of checks is made just for them.

Dog Breed Checks

The diversity of breeds represented includes everything from Greyhounds and Labradors to Dachshunds and Pugs, and everything in between, and each check features a beautiful photograph of the chosen breed.

Support Humane Societies

If you’d like to do something beyond just showing your love, then consider supporting one of the premier pet advocates by choosing the Humane Society of the US checks. Each time you use them, you will be spreading awareness of this important organization. There are many other organizations that can be supported through dog checks including the Michigan Humane Society, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and the Animal Protection Institute to name a few.

Gary Patterson Dog Checks

If you’d prefer something more distinct and fanciful, the Gary Patterson dog checks boast the artist’s unique take on several dog breeds including Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Pugs, Westies, and Yorkies. Each set includes an adorable artistic representation of the selected breed on a checkered background staring hopefully upward with a look that’s ready for play. Gary Patterson’s dog checks also include the Pets, Dogs, and Christmas Dogs series of checks that feature 4 rotating illustrations that are full of whimsy and personality.

If none of the available checks seem right for you, then you can upload photos of your own favorite dog or dogs for use on a completely unique set of custom Artistic Photo Checks. You can choose either one photo or up to four rotating photos to that you can proudly show off your favorite dog with every check that you write.

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