Dolphin Checks

Dolphin Checks

Perhaps the most intriguing aquatic mammal in the world is the dolphin, and dolphin checks along with other dolphin-themed merchandise, tends to be very popular.

This is due, in no small part, not only to the amazing intelligence of dolphins but also to the common appearance of dolphins in various television shows, documentaries, and movies.

Dolphin Bank Checks

Among the many styles of dolphin checks, there are two main categories that stand out: checks that feature photographs of dolphins and checks that feature illustrations of dolphins.

In the former category is the Defenders of Wildlife – Dolphins series. Each check features one of four alternating photographs of dolphins, together or in pairs, playing in the open ocean. Another photographic option is the Greenpeace Let Oceans Live checks that feature a leaping dolphin in silhouette against a breathtaking orange sky.

Dolphin Personal Checks

In the second category, illustrations of dolphins, is the Dolphins series of checks. The four alternating images in this set of dolphin checks depict beautiful illustrations of solitary and paired dolphins underwater, among crashing waves, against a sunset backdrop, and in the isolated lagoon of a tropical island.

Dolphin Checks Series

While having four alternating dolphin checks at your fingertips may sound irresistible, there are also sets available that include images of dolphins along with images of other incredible animals. The Undersea Fantasy series boasts lifelike illustrations of dolphins, manatees, and whales in three alternating images. The Scuba series features an unbelievable eight alternating photos of divers encountering a wide variety of aquatic life – from dolphins and sharks to stingrays and starfish.

Finally, the Earth Matters series of checks features a range of amazing black and white animal and landscape photographs that include a panda, bald eagle, and dolphin as well as an image of lush tropical trees. This set and the other available dolphin checks are available with optional matching checkbook covers.

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