Firefighter Checks, Fire Trucks, Checkbook Covers and Address Labels

Firefighter Checks

If you or someone you love is a firefighter, or if you simply want to support those tireless heroes who risk their lives every day, then consider one of the many varieties of firefighter checks that are available.

Fire Trucks

Among the most iconic tools of the firefighter’s arsenal is the fire truck, and now there are two sets of fire truck checks to choose from.

The Modern Fire Trucks checks feature three alternating images of contemporary fire trucks along with one image of an emergency medical vehicle. The Antique Fire Truck checks feature four drawings of classic motorized firefighting vehicles.

Fire & Rescue Checks

If you prefer images of firefighting in action, then either the Firefighter checks or the Fire and Rescue checks may be just what you’re looking for. Both sets of checks feature four alternating photographs of firefighters in the middle of fighting large and extremely dangerous fires.

The Fire and Rescue checks include images of a burning skyscraper, a fire truck in front of a smoldering building, firefighters on the ground, and rooftop firefighting. The Firefighter checks feature four harrowing images of firefighters fearlessly battling towering pillars of flame and smoke. No matter which set you choose, you’ll find the images to be inspiring and breathtaking.

The Day the Angels Cried

One of the most tragic and yet heroic firefighting events of recent history was the collapse of the twin towers in New York City on September 11, 2001. Over 300 firefighters died that day, and in memorial is the beautiful painting, “The Day the Angels Cried” by the brothers Greg and Tim Hildebrand.

This image of two angels comforting a grieving and exhausted firefighter is available in a special set of checks. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of these firefighter checks are donated to the New York Firefighters 911 Disaster Relief Fund.

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