Fish Checks

Fish Checks

The world under the water remains a fascinating source of joy and wonder, the mystery of which is captured beautifully in any of a number of fish checks.

Each set allows a peek through a window to an unknown world by allowing glimpses of fish, at home in their natural habitats, that both nature lovers and fishers will cherish.

Fish Personal Checks

The underwater tropical world is colorfully depicted in the Tropical Fish checks series. Each of the four alternating illustrations features a diverse array of brightly colored tropical sea life among a subtle backdrop that suggests lush ocean plant life. The Undersea Fantasy series includes three beautiful paintings of various aquatic mammals including dolphins and whales.

Fish Bank Checks

Two important non-profit organizations, The Ocean Conservancy and Project Aware, each offer fish checks that allow you to spread the beauty of the underwater world while at the same time raising awareness of the need to fight for conservation of the world’s oceans. Each set includes a total of eight alternating photographs of fish and other undersea life including seahorses and turtles. Each set is available with matching address labels and specially made cotton checkbook covers.

Fish Side Tear Checks

The Scuba series of fish checks is a must have for anyone who enjoys diving. The eight alternating photographs of scuba divers interacting with a variety of sea life will leave you wanting to strap on a snorkel and goggles and get in the water. The eight images of the Common Ocean series will likely leave you feeling the same way. Each set is available with coordinating address labels and message cards.

Fishing Checks

People who love fishing will appreciate the variety of appropriately themed fish checks including the Fishing checks that feature an illustration of a prize worthy wide mouthed bass, a scene of fly fishing, and a picturesque painting of fishing gear lying along a river side.

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