Horse Checks

Horse Checks

Horse lovers all over the world share in common both an appreciation and a respect for these magnificent animals, and anyone who loves horses would be proud to carry and show off horse checks. There are a variety of styles to choose from featuring themes as diverse as fantasy, western, and rodeo.

Horse Bank Checks

By far the most popular type of horse checks are those that display photographs of horses in their natural environments. Among these types of checks, there are two separate sets, both called simply “Horses,” that feature four different alternating photographs of horses. Each set is available with optional matching address labels and a custom checkbook cover.

Horse Personal Checks

The Horse Enthusiast checks feature four photographs of horses in a variety of scenes and poses including a horse among snowy mountains and a horse galloping along the water’s edge. The four pictures featured in these horse checks are repeated in the optional address labels. Contact cards and a custom leather checkbook cover are also available.

Rodeo Checks

Rodeo lovers will want to check out the Pro Rodeo series of Horse checks. Each check features one of three breathtaking action shots from a real rodeo including dramatic steer wrangling. The Cowboy checks series features illustrations of classic cowboys with their faithful horses. In a similar vein, the Western Country checks feature beautiful southwestern-style pastel colored paintings of the American West including cowboys on horses silhouetted against a setting sun. Each of these sets is also available with optional address labels, contact cards, and covers.

Fantasy Horse Checks

Of course, horses are also popular in many fantasy stories, and the Fantasyland checks series includes among its three alternating fantasy-themed paintings an image of the fabled winged horse flying high in the clouds. The optional custom checkbook cover for this set of horse checks also features an image of this winged horse.

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