Kitten Checks

Kitten Checks

Even the most cynical person in the world will find it hard to deny that kittens are irresistable, so kitten checks are a perfect choice for anyone looking to add more cute to their life.

Because of their popularity, there are numerous kitten check options available to suit the tastes of all types of cat lovers.

Kitten Bank Checks

The aptly titled Cute Kittens series of kitten checks features photographs of extremely adorable pairs of kittens in all sorts of situations.

One of the images includes kittens curiously playing with flowers, another features kittens playing with potted plants, the third features two adorable kittens in a basket, and the final check features sleeping kittens among balls of yarn.

Kitten Personal Checks

The Purrfect Kittens series of kitten checks features a theme that is similar to the Cute Kittens series but with even more kittens. Each of the four alternating checks includes pictures of two to four kittens huddled snugly together in various pots and baskets in a garden setting.

Cute Kitten Checks

Rachel Hale’s Smitten Kitten checks feature four alternating photographs of kittens playing in everyday household containers including a gift box, a cup, a pot, and a paper tube. These irresistible images also feature a variety of fun background colors and the artist’s name along with a distinctive heart/paw logo.

The Kittens series of kitten checks offers an illustrated take on these adorable animals. The four alternating paintings feature cute and curious kittens inspecting birds and butterflies. In one especially precious image, a kitten sleeps peacefully in a wicker basket as a small mouse rests safely nearby.

Each set of kitten checks is available with a variety of optional matching accessories. Return address labels can be customized with your personal information and feature images from your chosen set. Optional contact cards are a great way to share contact information with others, and the matching checkbook covers are a wonderful compliment to any set of kitten checks.

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