Marine Corps Checks

Marine Corps Checks

Among United Stated Marines, there is a shared pride that transcends racial and generational bounds. That pride is perhaps best encapsulated in the Marine Corp motto “Semper Fidelis,” (or “Semper Fi” as it often popularly appears on Marine Corps checks, hats, and shirts.)

This motto, which is Latin for “Always Faithful”, represents the incomparable spirit and determination of every US Marine.

Marine Corps Photo Checks

If you or a loved one are a Marine, then Marine Corps checks allow you the opportunity to show your pride for these brave warriors whenever you pay a bill or make a purchase. Each check features an iconic photograph of seven marines standing at attention with rifles ready. These soldiers are standing in formation and ready to give the customary 21 Gun Salute – a tradition originally meant to honor the President of the United States.

Marine Corps Logo Checks

Each of the Marine Corps checks also feature the distinctive Marine Corps logo. This logo contains the American Eagle perched atop a globe. In its beak, the eagle holds a banner with the aforementioned motto, “Semper Fidelis.” An anchor sits in the background representing the Marine Corps’ proud naval tradition. The logo sits on a red background and is encircled in black with the words “United Stated Marine Corps” written along the circumference. “Semper Fi” also appears on the upper right portion of each check.

Marine Corps Check Accessories

These Marine Corps checks are also available with three optional coordinating accessories. The Marines Return Labels can be customized with your address information and feature the photograph of seven soldiers that is seen on the checks. The same image also adorns the customizable contact cards along with the motto “Semper Fi” above the words “United States Marines” in red and gold along the top. Finally, this same motto appears on the leather checkbook cover which is a great place to store your Marine Corps checks.

Order Marine Corps Checks

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