Mickey Mouse Checks

Mickey Mouse Checks

Disney fans all around the world recognize their famous cartoon characters such as Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie, and now you can take them all with you when you use Mickey Mouse checks. These fun and colorful checks feature a number of classic characters in eight alternating drawings that are full of charm.

Disney Checks

The famous Disney couple of Mickey and Minnie Mouse feature most prominently in the Mickey Mouse checks series. Three of the eight checks feature the couple enjoying a day at the carnival. In one, Minnie clutches a newly won teddy bear as she walks arm in arm with Mickey. In another, the couple brace themselves for an exciting roller coaster ride with Donald and Goofy riding in the cars behind. In the third, Mickey and Minnie enjoy the view from the top of a Ferris wheel. A final carnival picture shows Mickey and his faithful dog Pluto riding in a high hanging gondola.

Mickey & Minnie Checks

Another Mickey and Minnie check shows the two enjoying a day of sun and sand on the beach as they happily build a sandcastle together. The remaining three Mickey Mouse checks feature other whimsical scenes of these beloved Disney characters enjoying themselves in the sand and the sea. Mickey and Donald have fun burying Goofy in the sand in one check while Donald runs wildly toward Daisy and the water in another. Finally, Goofy looks ready for the ocean with his blow-up flotation device, Flippers, and snorkel mask as he trudges happily toward the water.

Mickey Mouse Checkbook Covers & Address Labels

To compliment these unforgettable scenes, a matching checkbook cover is also available. Featuring fun colors, this checkbook cover has a picture of the entire gang together. Finally, you can add address labels that feature the Mickey Mouse checks image of Minnie arm in arm with Mickey at the carnival.

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