Patriotic Checks

Patriotic Checks

When you use patriotic checks, you have the opportunity to show the love and pride you have for The United States of America.

There are dozens of styles available that allow you to express your patriotism in a way that is uniquely suited to you.

Of course, the most enduring symbol of American freedom and patriotism is the American flag, and those red white and blue stars and stripes are available on a number of patriotic checks.

Patriotic Freedom Checks

The Freedom series of checks features the quintessentially American bald eagle proudly displayed against a rippling American flag background. Support Our Troops checks boast a waving flag behind the yellow ribbon that signifies undying support and gratitude for the members of our armed forces.

Patriotic Bank Checks

Another timeless symbol of the American spirit, the Statue of Liberty, is prominently featured on many patriotic checks. The Lady Liberty series is an inspiring montage of the Statue of Liberty and an image of the American flag. The four alternating illustrations of the Liberty series include, in addition to the Statue of Liberty, images of the flag, an eagle, and the figure of blind Justice with scales and sword in her hands.

Patriotic Personal Checks

Religion has always played a role in the lives of many Americans, and those who are both religious and patriotic also have many options to choose from. The God Bless America checks are emblazoned with several flag images along with the heartfelt prayer “God Bless America.” The One Nation Under God series features four alternating paintings of American scenes in a folk art style. Each check includes one of four phrases that evoke both patriotism and spirituality such as “In God We Trust,” “From Sea to Shining Sea,” and “God Bless America.”No matter what style of patriotic checks you choose, you’ll love the opportunity to share your love of America with others.

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