Penn State Checks

Penn State Checks

Both fans and alumni of Pennsylvania State University will appreciate the opportunity to spread their love for their favorite school with Penn State checks.

There are several check styles to choose from that reflect the unique personalities of Penn state fans and alumni.

Penn State Personal Checks

The “Penn State” checks collection features four alternating photographs of the Pennsylvania State University campus.

Photos include three shots of distinctive Penn State buildings along with an image of a football game being played in the world famous Penn State Stadium. Each check also features an image of the University’s logo in the upper left corner. This unique collection is available with optional return address labels and a checkbook cover that features the school’s name prominently on the front.

Penn State Bank Checks

Fans of the Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions will want to check out the special Penn State Logo checks. Each of these Penn State checks features the distinctive Nitanny Lions paw print in the center along with an image of the lion logo near the personal information in the top left corner and the words “Penn State” in the upper right corner. The optional Return Address labels feature the lion logo along with the motto “Go Nittany Lions.” This set is also available with a unique debit wallet featuring the lion logo and a checkbook cover featuring the words “Penn State.”

Penn State Fan Checks

For the true die-hard Nittany Lions fan, nothing says Penn State passion like the Penn State #1 Fan checks. This set features a hilarious illustration of a true “over-the-top” super fan that is fervently enjoying watching the game from the comfort of his living room. He is literally unable to stay in his seat. He views the television with binoculars while nearly crushing his drink out of sheer excitement. This #1 Fan Penn State checks are available with return labels, unique mini clutch, and a matching checkbook cover.

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