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Soccer Checks

Without a doubt, soccer (known as “football” outside the United States) is the most popular sport in the world, inspiring legions of fans who love nothing more than displaying their pride in their favorite team through shirt, hats, and even soccer checks.

One of the things that make soccer so compelling on an international level is that the best players from each country compete against each other in addition to the teams within each country competing, and displaying pride in your nation’s team is a time honored tradition.

Soccer Personal Checks

The Personal Checks for World Soccer collection allows you to choose your favorite country from among more than thirty choices. Each check features the name of your chosen country proudly displayed in a bold and distinctive font in the center of each check. The background of each of these soccer checks is a warm textured earth tone color.

World Soccer Checks

Of course, no set of soccer checks would be complete without at least one image of a soccer ball. The World Soccer checks collection features two such images. The first is a faded close-up image of a portion of a soccer ball, and it is on the right side of each check. On the opposite side, in the upper left corner, is a small picture of a full soccer ball located to the left of your personalized name and address information. The smaller soccer ball picture also features an image of your chosen country’s flag.

Soccer Check Accessories

Each set of soccer checks is available with a several optional coordinating accessories. The world soccer return labels and identity cards each feature the two soccer ball images along with the flag image from the checks. The soccer check book cover features the word “Soccer” along with images of a goalie and soccer balls. These accessories make a perfect complement to any soccer checks.

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