Tinkerbell Checks

Tinkerbell Checks

Kids love Disney’s Tinkerbell, but because so many adults are really still children at heart, Tinkerbell checks allow a bit of that Disney magic to enter into our everyday lives.

This whimsical set of checks features four alternating portraits of the spritely fairy in various poses and against several different brightly colored backgrounds.

Tinkerbell Check Series

The four pictures in the Tinkerbell checks series show the fairy in various poses and moods. A traditional portrait style illustration adorns the blue background while the purple and pink backgrounds feature a coy and a thoughtful Tinkerbell. Finally, the orange background showcases Tinkerbell in flight.

Tinkerbell Address Labels

Along with the four alternating image checks, there are several coordinating accessories available to compliment your Tinkerbell checks. The Tinkerbell Sheeted Labels give you an opportunity to inject some pixie dust into regular, everyday address labels. Each label features a colored background behind a classic Tinkerbell portrait.

Tinkerbell Checkbook Covers

The same image is also featured on the matching Tinkerbell Checkbook Cover. This fanciful green cover will protect your Tinkerbell checks while at the same time allowing you to display her for the entire world to see. Together, the checkbook cover and the sheeted address labels will perfectly compliment your checks.

Tinkerbell Checks Have Microprint Security

For your protection, Tinkerbell checks are enabled with state of the art security features so you can rest assured knowing that your personal accounts and information are safe. Each check features a microprint signature line, chemical protection, and erasure protection to thwart any attempts to copy or tamper with your checks.

Two Check Styles

For your convenience, the checks come available in two styles: traditional one part checks and enhanced duplicate checks. The duplicate checks produce a copy of every check that you write on special non carbon paper while retaining all the security features of the traditional one part Tinkerbell checks.

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