Winnie the Pooh Checks

Winnie the Pooh Checks

The beloved A. A. Milne characters that inhabit the Hundred Acre Wood and the world of Winnie the Pooh have brought joy and laughter to countless people through the years, and Winnie the Pooh checks allow you the chance to revisit these delightful characters whenever you’d like.

Whether you’re at home paying bills or out shopping, you’ll love every opportunity you get to use these adorable checks.

Winnie the Pooh Personal Checks

The set of Winnie the Pooh checks features four alternating images of the “silly old bear” both alone and with friends. The background of each check is made up of whimsical floral patterns in red, orange, purple, and blue.

In one picture, we see Winnie the Pooh in a classic pose smiling with hands on his hips. In another, Pooh and his best friend Piglet relax together as Pooh studies a butterfly that has landed on his outstretched paw.

Pooh Bank Checks

The wild and bouncy Tigger joins the fun in the third of the Winnie the Pooh checks. The two walk arm in arm as a butterfly floats along nearby. The fourth check features a group shot of Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore. The group is huddled together in a pose that shows them to be the best of friends.

Pooh Check Styles

Aside from these adorable images, each check features special drawings of flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, and dragonflies that decorate the stylized “Pay to the Order of” line as well as the space near the check number. The set is available with two optional coordinating accessories. The Winnie the Pooh sheeted labels feature your personal address along with the classic picture of Pooh from the first check. The Winnie the Pooh checkbook cover features the purple floral background along with the same colorful image of Pooh. You’ll cherish the opportunity to use these Winnie the Pooh checks every chance you get.

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