Wolf Checks

Wolf Checks

If you’re looking to express your independent spirit and love of nature through your checks, few choices will be as effective as wolf checks. The wolf represents freedom and independence of spirit along with the memory of a life in harmony with the world. It’s no wonder that so many cultures, from various Native America tribes and nations to the Mongolians revere the wolf as an inspiration.

Wolf Personal Checks

Due to the popularity of the wolf, there are many options available for anyone who is searching for wolf checks. The simply-named “Wolves” series of checks is a set of four beautiful alternating paintings of wolves, both solitary and in groups, in the wild. These images include lonely snow-filled mountain nights, a solitary mountain walk, a hunting pack in search of prey, and a wolf family in the forest complete with a newly born cub.

Wolves Bank Checks

For something that is more realistic but no less breathtaking, the Defenders of Wildlife wolf checks feature actual photographs of groups of wolves in action. Each check also features the “Defenders of Wildlife” logo on the top left and the important message: “To help save wolves, visit www.defenders.org.”

Wild Animal Checks

Of course, in addition to the wolf, there are countless other animals that provide us with inspiration. Several of these are featured in the In The Wild series of checks. The four alternating images depict wolves, elk, moose, and bears in their natural habitats, and they are a great option for someone looking for more than just wolf checks.

Wolf Check Accesories

Each of these sets feature the option of coordinating accessories. Picturesque address labels add a touch of rugged beauty to any letter, the matching contact cards provide a memorable way to distribute your personal information, and the available leather checkbook covers compliment and protect both wolf checks and wildlife checks.

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