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Baseball Checks

There is perhaps no sport in the world that is as quintessentially American as baseball, and there is no more quintessentially American style of checks than baseball checks.

With each check that you write, you’ll be reminded of the crack of the bat against the ball and the roar of the crowd.

Baseball Personal Checks

The Baseball Checks series of image checks features three beautiful photographs that evoke the nostalgic power of the great American pastime.

Each photograph is bathed in a seemingly golden light that gives each image an almost painterly quality. The first image depicts the essential gear of baseball. In the center of the image is a classic leather catcher’s mitt along with a well-worn baseball complete with red stitching. The handle of a wooden bat can be glimpsed near the top of the image atop a distinctive baseball jersey. Finally, a pair of baseball cleats sits off to the left side.

Baseball Bank Checks

The second picture in the baseball checks series is a dramatic freeze frame of an umpire calling “strike” as a catcher in the foreground grabs hold of the just-pitched ball. Dust rises from the ball and glove, and the umpire’s arm seems to be in motion as it makes the “strike” motion. The watching crowd can be glimpsed in the background.

Baseball Image Checks

The third and final baseball checks image is perhaps the most dramatic of all. From the right side, all we can see is the foot and ankle of a runner as he slides desperately towards the safety of the base. From above we see the steadily lowering baseman’s glove tightly grasping the ball and trying to tag the runner. Dust obscures the left side of the image, and we are left guessing how this scene will play out – is the runner safe, or is he out? No matter how much you scrutinize, these baseball checks have no definitive answer.

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