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Penn State Checks

If you’re a fan of the Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions, then you’ll want to check out the variety of Penn State checks that are available. The simply-named Penn State personal checks collection features four alternating photographs of various Penn State campus buildings along with an image of a football game in progress. The Logo series of Penn State bank checks features an image of the Nittany Lions paw print along with the team’s logo and the words “Penn State.” Both sets of Penn State image checks are available with a handsome matching checkbook cover that features the words “Penn State” in the school’s signature font.

Golf Checks

If you love golf, then there are many sets of specially-themed golf checks to choose from. The “Tee to Green” series of golf personal checks features four alternating illustrations of golf clubs and balls in real-world golfing situations such as teeing off, sand traps, and putting greens. The “Be the Ball” series of golf bank checks features four comic drawings of a living golf ball enjoying the sun while stuck in a sand trap, exploring the “wilds” of the rough, and scuba diving in a water hazard. Both the “Tee to Green” and “Be the Ball” golf image checks are available with matching optional accessories including a checkbook cover, contact cards, and return address labels.

Hockey Checks

No matter what hockey team is your favorite, you’ll find a set of NHL hockey checks that lets you proudly display your team pride, and if you don’t have a favorite team, there are several varieties of hockey personal checks to choose from. Every National Hockey League team is represented in its own series of NHL hockey checks – from the Detroit Redwings and Boston Bruins to Edmonton Oilers to the Vancouver Canucks, dozens of teams have their own custom set of hockey bank checks. If you prefer not to support a particular team with NHL checks, then the Pro Hockey checks series features images of dramatic hockey moments. Both NHL checks and Pro Hockey are available with matching address labels, contact cards, and checkbook cover.

Baseball Checks

Baseball is known worldwide as the great American pastime, and people who love baseball love using baseball checks. The three rotating photographs in the Baseball Personal Checks series feature beautiful images of the sport both on the field and off. The first image is a photograph of classic baseball gear including a catcher’s mitt, baseball, bat, jersey, and baseball cleats. The second image in the baseball bank checks series shows the dramatic moment when “strike” is called as the catcher grabs hold of the perfectly placed pitch. The final baseball checks image shows the tense moment of ambiguity as a runner tries to slide under the approaching baseman’s mitt.

Bowling Checks

Bowling has long been a popular professional and recreational sport, and bowling checks are a popular way of displaying your love of bowling. The bowling personal checks series features three alternating bowling-themed illustrations in a style that will instantly evoke the 1950’s and 1960’s, when bowling popularity in the United States was at an all time high. Featured illustrations in the bowling bank checks series include a ball about to hit the pins, a bowling alley complete with scoring station and return mechanism, and a collection of essential bowling gear. The Gary Patterson Bowling Checks collection features four alternating comic illustrations of bowlers willing to do absolutely anything to knock down the pins.

Soccer Checks

The World Soccer checks provide fans of any nation’s team the chance to show off their pride with every check they write. You can choose one of over thirty countries, and the name of your chosen country is proudly displayed in a bold font in the center of each of your World Soccer personal checks. Your chosen country’s flag is also proudly displayed in front of a soccer ball in the upper left corner of each of your soccer team checks. Every set of World Soccer checks is available with three optional accessories including return labels, identity cards, and a matching check book cover.


NASCAR fans love to show their pride, and with NASCAR checks they can do so every time they pay a bill. Each set of NASCAR checks features four alternating images of fast and furious racing on one of four world famous tracks. The tracks represented are Darlington, Daytona, Talladega, and Watkins Glen, and each check also features both the NASCAR logo and the logo of each individual track. NASCAR check styles also feature several security enhancements for your protection such as a special chemical protection, protection from erasure, and a special microprint signature line that helps ensure the security of every NASCAR check you write.

LSU Checks

Alumni and fans of Louisiana State University can inject a bit of Fighting Tiger pride into every purchase when they use LSU checks. There are two sets of LSU checks to choose from, and each is available with unique optional coordinating accessories. The LSU logo checks feature the bold gold and purple of LSU along with the school’s logo and an image of the Fighting Tiger mascot. These LSU bank checks are available with matching address labels and a leather checkbook cover along with a unique LSU debit wallet. The LSU #1 Fan series features a stylized illustration of a “super-fan” and is available with matching labels, leather cover, and LSU logo stickers, to go with LSU personal checks.

Fish Checks

The mysterious and beautiful world under the ocean is beloved by countless people and can be seen in a multitude of styles of Fish checks. Warm colorful seascapes adorn the four alternating images in the Tropical Fish bank checks series, and the Undersea Fantasy checks boast images of some of the ocean’s largest creatures. You can show your support of the nonprofit organizations The Ocean Conservancy and Project aware when you choose the eight alternating photos of either of these sets of Fish personal checks. Scuba divers will love the many encounters pictured in the Scuba series of Fishing checks, and fishermen will love the picturesque scenes of the Fishing series of checks.

Alabama Checks

If you’re a true fan of the Crimson Tide, then you’ll want one of these two custom sets of University of Alabama checks for your own. The first set of Alabama checks features “Big Al”, the University of Alabama’s elephant mascot, along with the words “Alabama Crimson Tide” in the distinctive red. The second set of Alabama checks features an illustration of the ultimate super-fan at home watching the game on TV. He can’t stay in his seat because he’s so excited about the action on-screen. Each set of Alabama checks is available with an optional coordinating checkbook cover and customized address labels.

Auburn Checks

Any student, alumnus, or fan of Auburn University will want to show their pride with these custom Auburn University checks. One set of Auburn logo checks features the University logo along with the menacing tiger mascot atop an Auburn University navy blue background. The other set of Auburn checks features a wacky illustration of a super fan who is so excited he is literally jumping out of his living room chair as he watches the Tigers on TV. Each set of Auburn Tigers checks is available with a matching leather checkbook cover and return address labels that both feature the distinctive University of Auburn logo.

Florida Checks

No matter which of the many Florida college teams you’re a fan of, there’s a set of Florida checks that’s just right for you. The University of Florida, Florida State University, Florida A&M, and South Florida University each have custom sets of University of Florida checks available. Each set of these Florida State University checks features the chosen school’s logo and an image of its mascot. Additionally, Florida A&M checks feature the colors that are associated with each school. No matter which school you choose to support, South Florida University checks are all available with a coordinating leather checkbook cover and a set of customized return address labels.

Kansas Checks

Fans of either of the NCAAS Big 12 teams in the state of Kansas will be able to display their pride in their favorite team with Kansas checks. One set of University of Kansas checks features the beloved mascot Big Jay along with the words “Beat ‘Em Hawks. The other set of Kansas team checks features a cartoon illustration of the ultimate fan decked out in team colors and watching the game on TV in his living room. This same design is also available for fans of the Kansas State Wildcats with the Wildcats logo replacing Big Jay. Both sets of Kansas bank checks feature the words “#1 Fan”.

Georgia Checks

Fans of both the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will want to represent their favorite team by using University of Georgia checks. The University of Georgia has two sets of Georgia team checks to choose from. The logo checks feature the school’s colors along with the image of the bulldog mascot and the team name. The #1 Fan set of University of Georgia fan checks features a hilarious picture of an over-enthusiastic fan in team colors jumping out of his living room chair as he watches the game from home. This same design of Georgia Tech checks is also available for fans of Georgia Tech featuring that school’s colors.

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