Golf Checks, Checkbook Covers & Address Labels

Golf Checks

On both a professional and an amateur level, golf is one of the world’s most beloved sports, and it is also a popular subject of many custom specialty items including several styles of golf checks.

Whether you’re an obsessed fan or a casual player, you’ll find a set of checks that reflects your unique style and your love of the game. In the “Golf Escapes” check series, the beautifully photographed fairways and greens featured on these checks will have you longing to get away. There are 4 rotating images and coordinating address labels are available.

Golf Personal Checks

The “Tee to Green” golf checks features a series of four alternating illustrations that depict “a day in the life” of a typical golf ball. Each drawing uniquely shows just the ball and the end of a club.

The series begins with an image of the golf ball being hit off the tee. Next comes a clear shot from the fairway followed by the inevitable sand trap. Finally, the gentle tap of a putter guides the ball to its final destination. The “Tee to Green” checks are available with matching contact cards, address labels, and a leather checkbook cover that features a ball teetering on the edge of a hole.

Golf Bank Checks

If you prefer something golf themed that is a bit more whimsical, then consider the “Be the Ball” series of golf checks. This unique collection of four alternating illustrations feature a living, anthropomorphized golf ball finding fun and enjoyment in situations that would frustrate most golfers. In one image, a ball in the rough dons safari gear and explores the tall grass that surrounds him. In another, a ball trapped in the sand reclines in a beach chair. A ball in a water hazard becomes a scuba diver, and the final image is of a triumphant golf ball wearing sunglasses and clutching a club.

Golf Checks Accessories

The “Be the Ball” series of golf checks is also available with matching address labels and contact cards. The custom checkbook cover features a relaxed golf ball leaning on a club; it makes a great compliment to the “Be the Ball” golf checks.

Order Golf Checks

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