Image Checks

Upload-Your-Image Checks

Upload your own images to create unique personal check designs to suit your fancy. You can choose from a set of checks with a single favourite image on every check, or select up to four different images to appear on your checks.

If you want to choose from existing images, then we have a very wide range of options ready made. If you are a lover of animals for example, there are an incredible variety of animal image checks for you to choose from.

Wildlife Checks

Wildlife checks feature images of animals such as bears and raccoons in their natural habitats while Birds and Blossoms checks showcase hand drawn scenes of birds among beautifully rendered flowers.

Pet Checks

For a more whimsical take on the natural world, there are also several fun image checks that feature cats and kittens in all kinds of adorable situations.

Animal Image Checks

The Purrfect Kittens checks are almost too cute for words with a variety of heart melting scenes of kittens in baskets, bowls, and pots. Rachel Hale’s Smitten series of kitten themed checks adds the whimsical flair of soft background pastels behind adorable playful kittens. Of course, animal lovers aren’t the only ones who can enjoy image checks. Images of beautiful mountain vistas and serene coastal scenes are featured on the Mountain Reflection and Water’s Edge checks.

Angels & Inspiration

The Inspirations series of image checks is a breathtaking collection of cloud and light imagery that is complimented by four different Bible verses. Also inspirational are the Lil Angels checks featuring paintings of children with angel wings among beautiful flowers. The Precious Angels series also depicts children as angels but in a whimsical hand drawn style.

Girly Flower Power Checks

There are also many patterned image checks available to suit any type of personality. The Girly Camo checks are a traditional camouflage pattern in very non-traditional and feminine pinks and purples. The fanciful images of the Swirls series of checks and the fun and colorful Flower Power patterns are both unique image checks that allow you to express your personality.

Classic Liberty Checks

For a more classic look and feel, Vintage, Filigree and Executive checks combine the look of quality traditional papers with subdued colors. Liberty checks also feature this kind of classic look alongside patriotic images that evoke American freedom.

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