Animal Checks

Puppy Checks

Anyone who loves puppies will love the chance to carry their favorite animal with them in the form of puppy checks. The Puppy Pals series of puppy bank checks features four alternating pictures of real puppies in various rural settings. The Puppy Tales series of puppy image checks features four beautiful paintings of puppies interacting with each other and with other animals. There are also many styles of Gary Patterson puppy personal checks to choose from that feature the artist’s inimitable take on several breeds including Dachshunds, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Westies, and Yorkies. Each set of Puppy checks is available with optional coordinating accessories including address labels, contact cards, and checkbook covers.

Kitten Checks

The images of irresistibly adorable kittens available in any of the numerous kitten checks will bring a bit of joy into your life every time you pay a bill. The Cute Kittens series of kitten personal checks features four alternating images of kitten pairs. The Purrfect Kittens series features even more kittens in an adorable garden setting. Rachel Hale’s Smitten Kitten checks feature four photographs of tiny kittens in small containers against fun and vivid background colors. The Kittens series of kitten image checks features precious illustrations of curious kittens exploring the world around them. Each set of kitten bank checks is available with optional accessories including address labels and contact cards.

Deer Checks

People who love deer and other wildlife will want to select from among the wide variety of deer checks that are available. The Buckmasters deer bank checks feature four alternating photographs of fully grown bucks in the wild displaying their impressive horns. The Wildlife series of deer personal checks features images of many wild animals including deer, moose, raccoons, and bears. The “In the Wild” series of deer image checks has a similar theme but with illustrations instead of photographs. Each of these incredible sets of custom deer checks is available with three optional matching accessories including return address labels, contact cards, and checkbook covers.

Ferret Checks

People who love ferrets love to show their favorite animals to others, and ferret checks allow them another opportunity to do so. The American Ferret Association ferret bank checks feature an adorable photograph of a group of ferrets huddled together to keep warm as they rest. One of these ferrets is caught in mid-yawn. The more lighthearted Fun Ferrets series of ferret personal checks features photos of real ferrets in fantastic situations such as selling balloons at a carnival, working in the garden, painting a room, and taking a bubble bath. Both sets of ferret image checks area available with optional matching address labels and checkbook covers. The Fun Ferret checks are also available with matching contact cards.

Cat Checks

Cat lovers of all types will find something to love among the wide variety of cat checks that are available. Kitten pictures take front stage in Rachel Hale’s Smitten series of kitten checks as well as in the four alternating photographs of the Cute Kittens series. Grown up cats appear in several sets of the cat bank checks that are aimed at raising awareness of the Humane Society and local animal shelters. Even the large cats of the world have checks devoted to them including the Safari checks and the Defenders of Wildlife cat checks.Finally, if you prefer something light hearted, Gary Patterson cat checks charming illustrations appear on two different sets.

Dog Checks

No matter what your taste, if you’re a dog lover, then there is a set of dog checks for you. The Top Breeds series allows you to select your favorite dog breed to be the main background image on all your checks. If you prefer to raise awareness for an organization that is committed to the welfare of dogs and puppies, then there are also many dog breed checks to choose from, including the Humane Society, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and the Animal Protection Institute. Gary Patterson dog checks are a unique artistic take on playful puppies and are also available for such breeds as Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Pugs, Westies, and Yorkies.

Wolf Checks

Because wolves are renowned for their independence and harmony with nature, the use of wolf imagery is a popular and effective means of communicating a desire for oneness with the world, and wolf checks allow that imagery to enter into your day to day activities. There are numerous wolf bank checks to choose from featuring both illustrations and photographs. In addition to wolf personal checks, the “In the Wild” series of checks also includes images of other inspirational members of the animal kingdom. Each set of wolf check styles are available with optional coordinating accessories such as address labels, contact cards, and leather checkbook covers.

Dolphin Checks

The amazing dolphin is unlike any other creature in the sea, and its image is available for all to see on a variety of Dolphin checks. Beautiful photographs adorn the four alternating images in the Defenders of Wildlife series of Dolphin bank checks, and the aquatic mammal is joined by pandas and bald eagles in the Earth Matters photographic series. The fantastic illustrations of the Scuba series of Dolphin personal checks include alternating depictions of eight amazing sea creatures. The simply-named Dolphins series features four beautiful paintings of dolphins in a variety of settings, and the Greenpeace Let Oceans Live Dolphin photo checks features a single image of a dolphin leaping out of the water in front of an orange sky.

Fish Checks

The mysterious and beautiful world under the ocean is beloved by countless people and can be seen in a multitude of styles of Fish checks. Warm colorful seascapes adorn the four alternating images in the Tropical Fish bank checks series, and the Undersea Fantasy checks boast images of some of the ocean’s largest creatures. You can show your support of the nonprofit organizations The Ocean Conservancy and Project aware when you choose the eight alternating photos of either of these sets of Fish personal checks. Scuba divers will love the many encounters pictured in the Scuba series of Fishing checks, and fishermen will love the picturesque scenes of the Fishing series of checks.

Horse Checks

If you love horses, then you’ll appreciate the variety of horse checks that are available. The simply titled “Horses” series of checks features four alternating photographs of horses in various outdoor, rural settings. The Horse Enthusiast series features four alternating horse bank checks depicting horses in a variety of settings. For those who love the Wild West, the Cowboy and Western Country sets of Horse personal checks offer unique illustrated takes on classic southwestern themes. Fans of fantasy themed art will love the Fantasyland series that feature three alternating images including one of a mystical winged horse. Each of these sets of Horse image checks is available with optional matching address stickers and checkbook covers.

Tiger Checks

The amazing tiger, one of the world’s most incredible animals, is able to arouse a sense of wonder and awe at all stages of life, and tiger checks featuring the large cat are popular among animal lovers all over the world. The Wildlife Waystation tiger bank checks feature a breathtaking image of two tigers, and the World Wildlife Fund tiger photo checks feature a number of alternating images of wild animals including elephants, pandas, and tigers. Images of baby animals adorn the Furry Friends and WWF Wild Kids checks – each set features baby tiger checks among other baby animals such as elephants and rabbits.

Butterfly Checks

One of the world’s favorite creatures is the butterfly, so it is no wonder that there are many styles of butterfly checks to choose from. The Butterfly Bloom series of butterfly personal checks features images of butterflies among flowers of many colors. The Butterflies series features four alternating photos of real butterflies against a background of parchment paper decorated with butterfly illustrations. The Virtue series of butterfly bank checks features tiny butterflies fluttering among the words “truth,” “love,” “charity,“ and “purity,” Finally, butterflies take a back seat to cherubs in the Dreamsicles series of checks. Each set of butterfly check styles is available with matching optional accessories.